The math comes to 546 days, which is just about 18 months, which equals 78 weeks ..... that is how long Adele has had her record breaking CD 21 on the Billboard Album Chart in the Top-10.  Sadly good things have to come to an end at some point.

According to SoundScan, the sales of Adele's "21" will exit the Top-10 with the latest chart.  The now 24-yr-old singing superstar will see her CD go down to #12, the lowest point this project has been on the Billboard Album Chart since March of 2011.  Keep in mind Adele debut #1 on the album chart back then, and its previous low was at #9 several weeks back in July.

The 78-week run in the Top-10 is the 3rd longest run in Billboard history!  Only The Sound of Music movie soundtrack back in 1965 (109 weeks in the Billboard Top-10), and Bruce Springsteen back in 1984 (84 weeks with Born in the U.S.A.) have done better than Adele.

During this historic run, Adele's album was #1 for 24 weeks - 6th best all-time in Billboard history (the West Side Story soundtrack holds the record with 54 consecutive weeks at #1 in 1962-1963)

Sales on "21" are now approaching 25 Million worldwide, and approaching the Top-50 of all-time sales worldwide (Michael Jackson's Thriller is still the all-time king in worldwide sales all-time).  This CD has been #1 in 28 countries and was the #1 CD of 2011 in 13 countries.

Although this streak may be over foe Adele, experts are predicting that "21" could be back in the Billboard Top-10 in the next week or so.

Adele's CD may not leave the Billboard Top-200 Album Chart for a while, but it would need to stay on the chart until 2026 to try to break the record of Pink Floyd - their CD The Dark Side of The Moon was on the chart for 811 weeks (that is almost 16 years!)