Liam Neeson scores a monster first week for his new film Taken 2, but while out promoting it for its opening day came a moment you may have missed where he lost track of where he was on TV.

Let's start with the part of Liam's moment he's probably smiling over - the sequel to his 2009 hit that made the veteran actor (known for being in Star Wars: Episode 1, Darkman, Gangs of New York, and his Oscar nominated moment in Schindler's List before Taken) a megastar registered $50 Million at the box office in its opening weekend, nearly doubling the #2 movie of the weekend (Frankenweenie - $26.3 Million).

The moment that may have made Neeson cringe came on ESPN.  Appearing on SportsCenter (the network's update show), Neeson was asked a question about football, was lost in thought, then realized that they were live and then came the accidental S-Bomb.  Neeson was very honest and real in admitting that he did not know much about the NFL (Neeson is from Northern Ireland but live in NYC).

You may have missed this on Friday, but over 1.3 Million have viewed this on YouTube so far.  Remember that Neeson drops the S-Bomb here (WARNING!), but the moment was natural and Neeson is so likable in the way he handled the moment by just keeping going and being honest.